"In my work I am in search of friction, displaying glorification and disgust next to one another, letting them coexist. I try to expose the shady sides of our existence: the ones we perceive on a daily basis through the media, but also the ones we encounter on the street. To me, art has the ability to make people think - I am just an observer of my surroundings and ‘translate’ the viewed into a work of art; it is up to the viewers to determine their own position."

Peerdeman’s unique pictorial style embodies his artistic manifesto in both material and meaning. In addition to showcasing Peerdeman’s expressive technical creativity, his works display the human conflict, the duality of our existence through combining gruesome aesthetics with a glorified context that become neutralized within the framework of each composition. Peerdeman’s figurative scenes create a mystifying imagery with a sarcastic connotation. His works’ pictorial dynamics echo Peerdeman’s artistic approach - their pictorial ambiguity becomes amplified through the contrasting combination of vivid accent colors and the underlying layers’ subdued natural tone, all interwoven through the energy fields connecting each solidified element within the picture plane. Peerdeman’s structural compositions depict objects with architectural preciseness and replicate the same tension inherent to his figural scenes. The lack of figures creates a void, a psychological construct where the presence of authority is implied through a restrained sense of symbolism.

Judit Bozsan